We sincerely thank you for your interest in Dr. Eric Topol and reaching out regarding the devices that were shown on The Colbert Report (Mar 26 2013).

The first device that was used on Mr. Colbert was the cell phone ECG made by AliveCor. This device has been approved by the US FDA for use by licensed medical professionals to record, display, store, transfer and evaluate single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythms. More information on this device can be found on AliveCor’s website.

The second device that was shown on Dr. Topol is called the Visi Mobile and is made by Sotera Wireless. More information on their technology can be found on the Sotera Wireless website.

The final device that was demonstrated on The Colbert Report and used on Mr. Colbert, is called the CellScope Oto. This device helps pediatricians increase the standard of care by creating a visual history of the middle ear and allows parents to save time by allowing ear infections to be diagnosed and treated remotely. More information can be found on the CellScope website.

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