The recent advances in genomic and digital medicine technologies are, at their core, advances in our ability to digitize man. At Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) we bridge the gap between technology and healthcare with cutting edge informatics techniques that transform detailed personal data into clinically useful knowledge. We are accomplishing this by creating an environment where expertise in data sciences, biological sciences, and medicine synergize to leverage our unprecedented ability to generate individualized health data.

Integrative Biology

Integrating multidimensional data to generate biological models and testable scientific hypotheses is a critical challenge in biomedical research. Scientists at STSI apply tools of machine learning, computer science, statistics and network biology to integrate disparate data types to research projects that span a wide variety of disease areas and biological topics.

Crowdsourcing Biology

The research community is increasingly exploring crowdsourcing approaches that allow large communities of scientists to collaboratively address scientific challenges, as well as address needs in biomedical infrastructure. Researchers at STSI are actively pursuing crowdsourcing projects that engage both the scientific community and citizen scientists.