It has only recently become broadly recognized that community involvement in all aspects of the research process can lead to clinical trial results that are more relevant, more impactful, and more likely to provide immediate value. VitalCrowd is a web-based platform that enables and incentivizes all members of the health care community – patients and caregivers of all types – to meaningfully contribute to clinical research.

Web-based Collaboration

VitalCrowd is designed to be a broad-scale community engagement platform aimed at incorporating the expertise of patients, caregivers, community members, and healthcare providers into the design and development of clinical trials. Visit for more information.

Each of us is a living, breathing, N of 1 researcher, a participant, and a clinician. Our physicians are there to help, but decisions about how we care for our own life-long illness is both our responsibility and opportunity.”

Anna McCollister-Slipp

Chief Advocate for Participatory Research