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Since its founding in 2006, the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) has been distinguished by its leadership in translational genomics and for harnessing digital, or wireless, medical technology for health monitoring of individual patients.


Michelle Miller
Manager, Grants & Administration
Scripps Translational Science Institute
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Our mission is to replace the status-quo of one-size fits all medicine with individualized health care.

Scientists at STSI leverage cutting edge genomic and digital technologies to bridge the gaps between discovery, translation, and treatment. Our research employs innovative informatics techniques that transform detailed data into clinically useful knowledge.

Our ambitious and transformative mission – to usher in a new era in medicine – relies on the generosity and support of our philanthropic partners. We encourage you to learn more about the outcomes and the impact of our research, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information about ways to support our efforts.

Featured Research

Molecular Autopsy

This study seeks to incorporate genetic testing into the postmortem examination of cases of sudden unexplained death. Genetic testing of the index subjects and their parents are assessed for potential heritable causes of sudden death.

Idiopathic Diseases of Man – IDIOM

The IDIOM study uses cutting edge genome sequencing technology to collect genetic data from adult and pediatric patients with an idiopathic disease – serious, rare health conditions – that defy a diagnosis or are unresponsive to standard treatments.

Infectious Diseases

Researchers are using infectious disease genomics to investigate the interaction between the human host and highly pathogenic viruses such as Ebola, Zika and Lassa.