Manuel Rueda

Manuel Rueda, PhD


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Manuel Rueda, PhD joined STSI faculty in 2016. With 15+ years of experience in the field of computational biology, he works at the interface between genomics and structural biology. In the past, he described the structure of the DNA in the gas phase, contributed to the development of the largest atlas of protein movements and had major contributions to the field of computational drug discovery. Versatile by nature, by the end of 2013 he was introduced to the field of Next Generation Sequencing, and became the main developer of a web platform to diagnose the risk of suffering Sudden Cardiac Death, in collaboration with Dr. Ramón Brugada (Spain).

In 2015 he was recruited by STSI, where he progressively got more involved in all the genomics projects. Currently he is in charge of the analysis of all samples from the Molecular Autopsy, IDIOM and Wellderly projects. His driving force is the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of human disease and its pharmacodynamics properties.

Trained as a molecular biologist, he obtained a MS in Computational Chemistry and a PhD in Computational Biology at the University of Barcelona. In 2007 he moved to San Diego and became a postdoc, first at The Scripps Research Institute and later at University of California San Diego (supported by two European grants, one of them being a Marie Curie, the most prestigious postdoctoral grant in Europe). He is known for his creative thinking and his need for aesthetics, a habit that does not stop in the laboratory; he is an active musician with several professionally recorded albums on the market.


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