Bioinformatics – Tools & Resources

BioGPS is a gene annotation portal, developed by Dr. Andrew Su’s Lab, that emphasizes user customizability and community extensibility. The tool is freely and publicly available at


The goal of the Gene Wiki is to create a continuously-updated, collaboratively-written, and community-reviewed review article for every gene in the human genome. Each month, Gene Wiki is viewed over four million times and edited thousands of times. More information can be found at the Gene Wiki Portal.


Mark2Cure is a crowd-sourced literature annotation system that works by teaching citizen scientists to precisely identify concepts and concept relationships in biomedical text. The initial goal of Mark2Cure is to curate the biomedical literature around NGLY1 associated disease. Find out more at

Scripps Genome ADVISER

Scripps Genome Annotation and Distributed Variant Interpretation Server (SG-ADVISER) is a web-server developed at The Scripps Translational Science Institute for the interpretation of genetic variant data. Find out more at SG-ADVISER. is a fast, free, open source, gene web service.  Batch annotate genes, convert gene ids, streamline your bioinformatics pipeline, and more with our RESTful API or our R or python clients. Get up-to-date data from NCBI Entrez, Ensembl, Uniprot, NetAffy, PharmGKB, UCSC, CPDB, and more—all in one convenient json object.

There are many public data resources for gene variant information.  Access over fourteen of them with–a gene variant web service.  Streamline your bioinformatics pipeline or service, batch annotate gene variants, and more with our RESTful API or our R or python clients. Our free-to-use, open source service returns json objects with up-to-date variant annotation data from COSMIC, EXAC, dbSNP, dbNSFP, ClinVar, GRASP, and more.