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Scripps Clinical Research Center

imagePhlebotomy facility in Scripps Clinical Research Services building enables investigators to obtain blood samples for research.

The Scripps Clinical Research Center houses the Scripps Health’s Division of Clinical Research Services (CRS). The CRS is the core provider of Scripps resources for participant and clinical interactions. CRS seeks opportunities to collaborate with the over 550 local pharmaceutical development companies within a 20 mile radius of Scripps, to bring novel therapeutic, diagnostic, bio-technical, and medical devices into its portfolio of studies.

CRS capitalizes on this tremendous resource of innovation and collaboration in Scripps backyard to benefit San Diego and its environs by managing and/or overseeing all aspects of clinical research conducted in Scripps facilities and programs. As Scripps revitalizes its heritage of over 80-years of medical research and education, these opportunities are fully available to STSI with the explicit goal of taking translational medical research to a new level of excellence through intra- and inter-institutional collaborations.

CRS Main Objectives

imageScripps Clinical Research Services building
  • Integrate and streamline the participant and clinical support components of STSI translational/clinical research that drive progress in individualized medicine.
  • Maximize the testing of new drugs and technologies by taking advantage of Scripps diverse subject population and variety of health care delivery methods.
  • Promote a culture of compliance by modeling ethical behavior and teaching Good Clinical Practice and scientific integrity that pervade all areas of Scripps Health research.
  • Support the training and continuing education of translational/clinical investigators and research workers with an innovative and cohesive education program.

CRS provides centralized and comprehensive infrastructure that supports CRS system process and other clinical research activities throughout the enterprise. These functional service areas cover: administration, grants, regulatory and compliance, research informatics, biostatistics, operations and staff support, and support services.