The Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) has created an academic education and training program with the overarching objective of identifying, inspiring and nurturing the next generation of translational scientists. Participating in the program, which is supported by the NIH Clinical and Translational Award (CTSA), are Scripps Health physician-scientists and The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and Kellogg School of Science and Technology graduate students in the basic sciences.

STSI’s education and training program integrates and expands the resources, activities and personnel of Scripps Health and TSRI, both pre-eminent institutions in their respective fields of research, education and clinical care.

Physicians-in-training or early career post-graduate professionals who complete the KL2 Scholar Program receive a Master’s of Science in Clinical and Translational Investigation (MCTI) from TSRI’s Kellogg School of Science and Technology.  Graduate students accepted into the TL1 Translational Science Training Program are recognized upon completion of their PhD studies for completing STSI’s Translational Research for Doctoral Students curriculum. The physicians in-training and the doctoral students participate together in classes and seminars in advanced molecular medicine, biostatistics, clinical trial design, genomics, and other topics relevant to translational research.

The program includes many activities that enable doctoral students to learn about disease from the viewpoints of the patients and physicians. Likewise, the physicians-in-training obtain hands-on experience in laboratory research in the basic sciences.

With Scripps Genomic Medicine, STSI also sponsors the annual Future of Genomic Medicine and TRANSFORMING MEDICINE: Evidence-Driven mHealth conferences as well as seminars and numerous other meetings.

stsi eductaion and trainig Eric Topol, M.D. and Evan Muse, M.D., Ph.D., a recent graduate from our program, examine images from one of their patients during a periodic check-up at Scripps Clinic. Evan also conducts research on macrophage lipid metabolism and circulating endothelial cells in cardiovascular disease.


Program Leads                                                                                                                          

Dan Salomon, M.D.
Director, TL1 Program for Doctoral Students
Professor, TSRI Kellogg School

Laura Nicholson, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, KL2 Scholars Program
Co-Director, STSI Educational Programs
Associate Professor, STSI

James R. Williamson, Ph.D.
Dean, TSRI Kellogg School


Program Contact

Michelle Miller, Ph.D.
[email protected]