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Advancements In Digital Medicine

Eric Topol has led several studies pushing for the integration of medicine and wireless technologies, and STSI works closely with its neighbor the West Wireless Health Institute. Wireless technologies allow for non-invasive monitoring of individuals’ physiology, bridging two powerful technologies for unprecedented precision in monitoring patients to promote health and prevent disease.

Pocket Mobile Echocardiography

A pocket mobile echocardiography (PME) device called the Vscan, recently introduced by GE, could come to replace the stethoscope. It’s the size of a cell phone, portable, with inherent wireless potential and has wide-ranging—revolutionary—possibilities that stretch well beyond cardiovascular care.

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AliveCor app transforms your iPhone into an ECG

Ailvcor has developed the iPhone ECG—a case that transforms the iPhone into a wireless, clinical quality heart monitor. The case is able to monitor one’s heart rate almost immediately, and can even measure through a cotton shirt!

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iRhythm Zio Patch

The Zio™ Patch is a long-term cardiac rhythm monitor that provides continuous monitoring for up-to-14 days (significantly longer than the time period of a typical Holter).  By providing a longer time period of continuous recording, the Zio™ Patch improves the likelihood of capturing arrhythmias and provides for an equal or higher diagnostic yield versus other devices on the market.

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