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The Future of Genomic Medicine VII

In 2007, the Scripps Translational Science Institute held the first Future of Genomic Medicine (FoGM) annual conference.

The 7th Future of Genomic Medicine conference will be the next iteration of taking genomic knowledge to transform the daily practice of medicine. To do this, we have patients present their story of how genomics affected their medical status, and have an international faculty of experts in genomics, science and medical journalism, and the life science industry provide critical perspective. This year we will be paying particular attention to genomics of undiagnosed and rare diseases, cancer (a disease of the genome), newborn and fetal genomics. Furthermore, we will delve into the hot topics of pharmacogenomics, the microbiome, the genomics of health span and longevity. For the first time we have assembled a remarkable panel of science journalists and editors to discuss the issues about what is being published in peer review journals (including open access) and in the lay press related to genomic medicine. The overarching goal of the conference is to spearhead efforts to use genomic knowledge to change medicine and make it far more precise and individualized.

Future of Genomic Medicine VII will be held March 6th and 7th, 2014 at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, CA.

FOGM VII Program

The FOGM VII Program Brochure is now available. The Brochure includes details regarding both the faculty and program for FOGM VII, as well as registration information.

Social Media Networking:

  • Twitter hash tag: #FOGM14

Click here for the Facebook page!

Overall course educational objectives:

  • Demonstrate the unmet needs of medicine today with respect to more targeted, individualized prevention and treatments.
  • Discuss the opportunities of the genome, proteome, metabolome discovery to change medical practice as it exists today.
  • Assess how changes and advances in technology are rapidly ushering in a whole array of new pathways for individualized medicine of the future.
  • Explore specific strategies in cancer, cardiovascular and pharmacogenomic futuristic interventions.

Target Audience:

  • Physicians
  • Human Geneticists
  • Genomic Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Health care professional of all disciplines interested in the future of medicine, especially with respect to individualized therapies



Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Robert Paine Scripps Forum for Science, Society and the Environment
Samuel H. Scripps Auditorium
8610 Kennel Way
La Jolla, CA 92037

Parking & Transportation:

  • A looping shuttle will run between the Estancia Hotel & Spa, La Jolla Shores Hotel, Kellogg Park and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. (Attendees who park at La Jolla Shores Hotel and Kellogg Park could walk (10 minutes) to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.)
  • Parking will be available at La Jolla Shores Hotel’s underground parking lot ($5 per day; please go to the front desk for a parking sticker and mention that you’ll be attending the Scripps Genomic Medicine Conference).
  • Parking at Kellogg Park will be free.

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Internet Access:

Free wireless internet access will be available at the conference.

Scripps Genomics Primer:

This online learning module is a series of “refresher” tutorials on topics ranging from the basics of genetics to pharmacogenomics.  We hope that registrants who use this module prior to the meeting regard it as a helpful review of these topics.