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Dr. Topol to Speak at Aspen Ideas Festival 2011

Jun 24, 2011

Dr. Eric Topol will be among the speakers at the Aspen Ideas Festival, discussing the frontiers of medicine.

Covering topics from stem cell regeneration to robotics to artificial organs, to synthetic biology, leaders on the cutting edge of medical science, treatment, and technology will convene at Aspen Ideas. Other speakers include Siddhartha Mukherjee, Columbia University’s “biographer of cancer”; Hans Keirstead of UC Irvine’s stem cell research center; PTSD authority Edna Foa; Laura Stachel, founder of WE CARE, Tom Rando from Stanford’s Center on Longevity; and Eythor Bender of Berkeley Bionics, to name a few. The discussions are sure to push our assumptions about what we believe is even possible when it comes to our health and our options.