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Early Adopters of Clinical Sequencing Warn It’s Not a One-Size-Fits All Approach

Mar 08, 2012

Clinical Sequencing: It’s Not a One-Size-Fits All Approach
By Monica Heger, Genome Web
March 07, 2012

While an increasing number of labs are adopting clinical sequencing protocols, early adopters who spoke at a recent conference noted that the lack of standards in the field requires a case-by-case approach to resolving issues that may arise.
At last week’s Future of Genomic Medicine conference at Scripps Translational Science Institute in San Diego, a number of researchers presented their protocols for introducing clinical sequencing, highlighting the different tactics that each institute is taking in terms of what patients to sequence, what results to return, what sequencing strategy to use, and the challenges of correlating sequence findings with phenotype data.

During a panel discussion, a number of researchers discussed the benefits and challenges of different types of clinical sequencing protocols, highlighting the wide variety that is currently offered and the fact that while sequencing is increasingly used in a clinical setting, there is not yet a standard for how it should be done.

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