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Villegas, Yvette


Yvette Villegas began her career outside of Scripps. She came up the ranks, holding many different positions with diverse responsibilities, both in the clinical and administrative sides of the Dental field. Eventually, she worked her way into a management position. She saw this practice grow from a one doctor and herself as a Registered Dental Assistant, to a well known, high quality practice with 25 employees.

In this position, she is proud to say she was instrumental in creating reference manuals, forms, establish operating policies along with employee rules and regulations. She also was in charge of transforming this practice to a paperless practice. Managing to make the transition, while learning then training the staff, in new and innovative dental software.

Moving to Florida for seven years was an adventure, in more ways than one. She was given an opportunity to open a success Drywall company that serviced the needs of two large apartment complexes, in Orlando. Again, diversity and her extensive administrative experience carried her through this venture. Her family and the love of her favorite corner of the world brought her back home to San Diego.

She is now honored, to be a part of such world renowned institutions, as The Scripps Research Institute and Scripps Translational Sciences Institute, supporting Nicholas J. Schork, Ph.D. Director of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at STSI; Director of Research, SGM; and Professor, Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine at TSRI.

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