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Barrett, Paddy, M.D. MRPCI, KL2 Scholar


Dr Paddy Barrett, MD MRCPI
STSI KL2 Clinician Scholar
Cardiology Fellow
Member Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Paddy Barrett, MD MRCPI was awarded the STSI Dickinson Research Fellowship, is the winner of the A Menarini/Irish Cardiac Society Travelling Research Scholarship,  the McArdle Prize in surgery for outstanding academic performance and is a member of the prestigious Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

His reserach interests lie mainly in the fields of personalized medicine and wireless health technologies with particular focus on the genetic sequencing of individuals with known platalet reactivity to the antiplatalet, clopidogrel. He firmly believes that this and other ground breaking research being carried out at the Scripps Translational Science Institute will revloutionise how we will tailor the drug therapies of today and the future. 

After graduating from University College Dublin, Ireland he went on to do residency training in major tertiary centres in both Sydney, Australia and Dublin, Ireland. In 2009 he became a member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and was accepted on to the Irish Cardiology Fellowship training programme.

Dr Barrett has published previously on topics ranging from the echocardiographic strain patterns in cardiotoxic chemotherapeutics to the mortality trends in the end stage kidney disease population with peripheral artery disease.



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