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The Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) aims to replace the status-quo of one-size-fits-all-medicine with individualized health care that is based on the known genetic factors influencing health and disease and that takes advantage of advances in digital technology for real-time health monitoring.

Under the leadership of Eric J. Topol, M.D., one of the world’s premier cardiologists and physician/scientists, STSI has created major programs in both research and education-training that bridge science with medicine, and academia with industry.

These programs accelerate integration and innovation by emphasizing the three dimensions of translation:

  • Traditional bench to bedside,
  • Bedside to bench and back to bedside, and
  • Bedside to the community and the practice of medicine.

Since its founding in 2006 by Scripps Health, STSI has been distinguished by its leadership in translational genomics and for harnessing digital, or wireless, medical technology for health monitoring of individual patients. In addition, it is the only member of the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium that is not affiliated with a university. 

STSI hybridizes The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)‘s considerable biomedical science expertise with Scripps Health’s exceptional patient care and clinical research. As a translational bridge between the TSRI and Scripps Health, STSI fosters innovative programs and methodology, provides an optimal setting for training and education and accelerates the conduct of studies that will have the greatest potential impact on the practice of health care in the clinic and the community.

In addition to TSRI and Scripps Health, STSI’s participating institutions include a premiere children’s hospital and seven of San Diego’s world-renown biomedical research institutes.  STSI’s numerous research collaborations with industry take advantage of the institute’s location in the heart of San Diego’s life sciences cluster.