Dr. Eric Topol and Research Associate Lauren Ariniello analyze Wellderly genomic data.
Dr. Eric Topol and Research Associate Lauren Ariniello analyze Wellderly genomic data.

The Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) values and promotes excellence in all types of research mentorship, from principle investigator mentoring of large research groups, to individual faculty mentoring of post-doctoral trainees and graduate students, to research associate mentoring of summer interns. Qualities of effective mentoring are shared and reinforced through participation in mentorship training programs, workshops, and online modules. STSI encourages the following mentor professional development programs developed by NIH Clinical and Translational Science Awarded institutions.

University of Minnesota – Clinical Translational Science Institute

Online Curriculum for the Professional Development of Research Mentors

This free, online, professional development course is designed to prepare faculty from a range of disciplines to be more effective research mentors, through a 90-120 minute course that includes text, audio, mini-presentations, and self-assessments. It is organized into five modules that can be taken in any order or combination – mentoring models, roles and responsibilities, mentor relationships, strategies for facilitating, and addressing challenges.

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University of Wisconsin – Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Workshop on Facilitating Research Mentor Training

Resources for improving effective mentoring have been developed and shared by UW ICTR including curricula, assessment tools, and links to mentor training workshops that can be provided upon individual request or may be offered for enrollment as part of annual scientific conferences.

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The Scripps Research Institute

Career & Postdoctoral Services Office

TSRI’s Office of Education, Training, and Outreach hosts career workshops that include seminars and discussions on providing and receiving effective research mentoring.

Contact Director Ryan Wheeler’s office regarding upcoming workshop events.